The Best 3 Ride-Sharing Apps in Bangladesh

What is the most irritating and troublesome thing that you have to face every day in your life? You may think of a lot of stuff but nothing will be as troublesome and uncomfortable as riding in a local transportation every day. In addition to the uneasy feeling, there is the risk of unwanted events such as pick-pocketing. And owning a private vehicle is not cheap. So the most convenient option, in this case, is using ride-sharing services.

The Best 3 Ride-Sharing Apps in Bangladesh

It not only provides us with a comfortable ride to our destination, but it also saves us the trouble of waiting for transportation. Fortunately, there are a few ride-sharing service providers available now in Bangladesh. They provide their service through apps. With a simple click, the journey to your destined location becomes easier and more comfortable.

Here are the top three ride-sharing apps you can use in Bangladesh.

Best Ride-Sharing Apps in Bangladesh: Pathao
Best Ride-Sharing Apps in Bangladesh: Pathao


Pathao is one of the most popular and comparatively cheaper ride-sharing services available in Bangladesh with more than 2 million users. A Bangladeshi youth entrepreneur named Fahim Saleh founded this ride-sharing company back in 2015.

At present Pathao is available in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. Though it provides other services such as food delivery, parcel delivery, and e-commerce services, its bike ride service is the most popular.

People are more inclined to use it because of its low cost. The users of Pathao can hire cars as well.

One of the best ride-sharing apps in Bangladesh: Shohoz
One of the best ride-sharing apps in Bangladesh: Shohoz


Shohoz ride service only provides bike ride-sharing. Though Shohoz originally was established to simplify online ticketing, it extended to other services such as ride service food, and parcel delivery in recent years.

It provides excellent services to its users. It takes the passengers to their destination in the shortest duration possible. And with each ride, Shohoz bestows its user with discounts. Overall it provides a satisfying experience to its users.

Ride-Sharing Apps : Uber
Ride-Sharing Apps: Uber


Though Uber is available in 80 countries it’s been operating effectively in Bangladesh since 2017. It’s simple to use and it has a lot of options available.

Depending on the number of passengers an Uber user can choose a vehicle. Uber has Uberx, Uber pool, Uber bikes, Uber XL, Uber SUV, and many more. Each of these services comes with its own cost and conveniences.

So, Uber is popular because of its simplicity and its wide range of categories. Transportation is a big problem in Bangladesh because of population density. But ride-sharing services made it easier to tackle inconveniences.

Though there are many other ride-sharing apps in Bangladesh, the above-mentioned ones are the best among them as they provide the most convenient travel experience at the most reasonable cost making thousands of people’s life easier every day.


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