Oppo FInd X3 Pro Review

 If you live in Asia, then the chances are very high that you have heard about Oppo. The Chinese smartphone brand has just released its brand-new flagship device for 2021, the Find X3 Pro. The specs of the device are very impressive and are focused to give the user a butter smooth experience. But is it good enough? Should you buy it?

Oppo FInd X3 Pro Review

In this article, I will give an in-depth review of Oppo Find X3 Pro. I will also give you a final verdict on whether this device is worth your money or not.

Price Of The Device

The new Oppo device is not a cheap phone by any means. And with the price of around 1150 Euro or about 1500 US dollars, it is priced at the higher echelon of the smartphone market.

By observing the price, it can easily be concluded that this phone is competing against giants like the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra and the iPhone 12. That means this phone is targeting the premium user segment of the smartphone market.

What’s In The Box?

Many renowned smartphone manufacturers these days are removing essential items like charging bricks from the retail box due to environmental concerns. But it is great to see that Oppo is providing all you would need in the retail box of the Find X3 Pro.

In the box, you get a 65-watt fast charger, a USB Type-C cable, a soft-touch matte case, and surprisingly a pair of headphones. The headphones sound pretty decent considering they are free but do not expect to get a professional audio experience from them.

The Design

The design of the Oppo Find X3 Pro stands out when compared to its competitors. It has a typical glass-metal sandwich design. To be honest, this phone is much more comfortable to use than the iPhone 12 or the s21 ultra. The rounded corners make the phone very comfortable to hold onto.

In the back, we have got a glass design with a curvy camera bump. The smoothened-out camera bump looks premium and also serves an important function by resisting the dust build-up surrounding the camera bump area. Oppo claims that they need a whopping 40 hours to produce just one curved back panel for the Find X3 pro.

You can find the Oppo Find X3 pro in three colors. Gloss black, blue, and white.

As the name suggests, the gloss black one has a glossy finish almost like a black chrome color. But annoyingly, because of having glossy finish, the black one acts as a giant fingerprint magnet. It picks up a huge amount of fingerprints even when used very carefully.

The blue and white color one has a matte finish on the back that can drastically resist fingerprints. So if you do not want to have a messy back infested with fingerprints, then avoid the glossy black one.

How Is The Display?

This year, Oppo is advertising their phone to have a brilliant display that can show 1 billion colors. It means that this phone is capable of displaying 10-bit color. The Oppo Find X3 Pro has a 1440 ✕ 3216 pixels LTPO AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate that is also HDR10+ certified. The 6.7-inch panel has a maximum brightness of 1300 nits and a 20:9 aspect ratio.

This device is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is enough to save this device from minor scuffs and scratches. Again, it is recommended to use the included case for better protection against drops and damages.

Following the current trend, Oppo has also included an under-display optical fingerprint scanner that can read your fingerprint and unlock the device at an impressive speed. The positioning of the sensor is not convenient enough for most people as it sits a bit lower than other phones that have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Performance Of The Find X3 Pro

Paired with the latest snapdragon 888 processor, 8 or 12GB of ram, and fast UFS 3.1 256GB storage, the Oppo Find X3 pro can provide splendid performance. The phone puts up a single-core score of 923 and a multi-core score of 3216 on the geek bench.

Having a 120Hz refresh rate display and Adreno 660 GPU ensures a smooth gaming experience. And with a 240Hz touch sampling rate, the phone feels very quick and snappy to use. The phone does not suffer from any heating issues thanks to its dedicated vapor chamber cooling system. So overall, this phone performs well considering its form factor.


The latest flagship device from oppo supports all the connectivity features that you would need for everyday use. The Find X3 Pro supports dual-band Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, dual-band GPS, and NFC. It also has support for 30W fast wireless charging that is capable of doing 10W reverse wireless charging.

You also get a 3.1 USB Type-C at the bottom of the device that supports USB OTG (on the go). This device has support for 5G as well. This is currently the only device on the market that supports 5G connectivity in both sim cards.

Battery Performance

The Oppo Find X3 Pro has a 4500mAh non-removable Li-po battery that is capable of doing SuperVOOC 2.0 65W fast charging. According to oppo, this battery can be charged up to 40% in just 10 minutes.

This device can easily get you through a day of heavy usage. You can expect to get 5-6 hours of screen time from this device. You can easily extend the battery backup by dialing down the screen refresh rate from 120Hz to a standard 60Hz.

The Camera

Oppo devices have always been good performers when it comes to the camera sector. This year’s Find X3 Pro is no different. It can shoot videos and images in 10-bit color. You get a 50 MP, f/1.8 main camera with OIS (optical image stabilization), 13 MP, f/2.4 telephoto camera, a 50 MP, f/2.2 ultrawide camera, and a 3 MP, f/3.0 macro camera.

The main camera of the Find X3 Pro can shoot some great images thanks to its bigger sensor. The daytime pictures from the main camera are comparable to the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. But the camera of Find X3 Pro shows its weakness while capturing night-time images. The software optimization for night-time pictures is not as good as its competitors.

The Find X3 Pro has a 32MP, f/2.4 wide selfie camera at the front that can capture great selfies. But the picture quality of the selfie camera is not consistent. It tends to blow the dynamic range when you want to capture photos in portrait mode.

Probably the most impressive feature of the Find X3 Pro is its macro camera. It can take some stunning and incredible close-up shots of different objects.

Because you need to get close to objects to take macro shots, oppo has fitted a ring flashlight around the macro lens. The ring light will help you to compensate for the loss of light and will help to capture sharper, well-exposed macro images.

The UI

Oppo Find X3 Pro runs on android 11-based ColorOS 11.2. The UI is pretty decent and highly optimized for taking advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate. It feels very smooth and is very easy to use.

You also get a dedicated gaming mode in this device where you can record your game, block all notifications and perform many other tasks. So in a nutshell, the new UI of Oppo Find X3 Pro is very good and is on par with its competitors.

Final Verdict

Oppo launched a really solid flagship device this year. It is all-around a very good phone offering some great features. But is it worth buying? I would say no. It may seem very impressive on paper but the Find X3 Pro lags in every major category if compared to its closest rival, the S21 Ultra.

For instance, the display of the Find X3 Pro is good but doesn’t even come close to the display of the S21 Ultra. S21 has the best display in the market that you can currently buy. In terms of camera, again S21 Ultra has the best overall performance. The battery backup of the Find X3 Pro also lags behind the S21 Ultra. The only place where oppo shines is its macro camera.

So, if you are looking for a phone that has the best macro camera, you should go ahead and buy the Find X3 Pro. No other phone in the market is currently offering a macro camera that can be compared to the Find X3 pro.

But on the other hand, if you are looking for the best smartphone that the market has to offer, then my opinion would be to avoid the Oppo Find X3 Pro.


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