5 Best Money Making Android Apps In Bangladesh

In this article, I will talk about some best money-making android apps in Bangladesh and briefly describe how to make money by using those apps too. Please read this article to the end if you wish to know more about this topic.

5 Best Money Making Android Apps In Bangladesh

The advancement of modern technology in recent decades has drastically changed the livelihood of many people. Nowadays, many young talented people are becoming self-sufficient by earning with the help of different mobile applications.

Just like in other countries in the world, young entrepreneurs and students in Bangladesh are also earning their livelihood and sustaining themselves by earning through popular mobile apps.

5 Trusted Apps By Using Which You Can Earn Money

When it comes to earning some quick cash via mobile apps, you have to be careful.

Many money-making apps on the internet are set up by scammers for scamming people. Be very cautious before you invest your time and wealth in any app. The apps mentioned in the list below are some of the trusted and best-proven that many people use to earn money in Bangladesh.

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1) Uber

Best Money Making Android Apps in BD : Uber
Best Money-Making Android Apps in BD: Uber

Uber is a globally recognized app used in more than 100 countries throughout the entire world. A lot of people in Bangladesh do full-time jobs on various uber platforms and live their life comfortably from the revenue generated from the app. But the caveat of using uber is, that you need to have some sort of transport like a bicycle, motorbike, or car to earn from uber.

Uber provides two main ways of earning money. They are:

  • Ride Sharing
  • Food Delivery


Uber is one of the pioneers to introduce the ride-sharing concept. And this concept took off in Bangladesh. At-present uber has more than 1.7 million drivers in Bangladesh.

So the first thing you need to do before you can do ride-sharing on uber is register on the uber network. After doing so, you can start earning money very easily.

Just find a convenient time and place and turn on the Uber app. The app will automatically show you customer pickup points and where the customer wants to drop them off. Then, pick up the customer and drive them to their desired destination.

After completing the trip, you will be paid by the customer according to the uber fare rate. Keep in mind, uber will take a percentage from your earnings as a service charge.

Food Delivery

Uber also provides food delivery services. This is the cheapest way of getting into the uber network if you wish to earn money from this app. The best thing about uber food delivery is, that you don’t need to own any vehicle to start earning money. This service can be done on foot.

Just like the Uber ride-sharing app, you need to register on the uber network first. And then, the app will show where to collect the food from. After you pick up the food, you have to drop it off at the location displayed in the app. You will get paid as soon as you deliver the food to the appropriate location.

It is recommended to maintain a good rating in the uber app regardless of what service you choose to make money from. A good rating will greatly impact your monthly revenue from the app.

2) Pathao

Money Making Android Apps in Bangladesh: Pathao
Money Making Android Apps in Bangladesh: Pathao

Founded in 2015, Pathao is now one of the leading food delivery and ride-sharing app in Bangladesh. Pathao and Uber apps have many similarities in terms of how they operate and the service they provide.

Just like Uber, Pathao also provides food delivery and ride-sharing service. And again, just like Uber, you need to have some sort of transport to start earning via this mobile application.

Before you start earning on this app, you need to decide under which service you want to work. After deciding, go to the nearest Pathao registration point or register online on the Pathao website.

The fundamental working operation of Pathao and Uber is very similar. Have a working internet connection and open the app. You will be given detailed instructions in-app. Just follow those instructions and try to maintain a good rating.

3) FoodPanda

Most popular money-making app in Bangladesh: FoodPanda
Most popular money-making app in Bangladesh: FoodPanda

Foodpanda is also one of the popular money-making apps in Bangladesh. Unlike Uber or Pathao, Foodpanda solely focuses on delivering food and groceries to its customers. Currently, Foodpanda operates throughout the entire country, across 64 districts.

Similar to Uber and Pathao, Foodpanda also requires you to have a bicycle or a motorbike to start delivering food.

So in a nutshell, you have to collect food from various restaurants and deliver them to the customers. Your earnings will be determined depending on the number of deliveries you make.

Just like Uber and Pathao, head to the nearest Foodpanda office and register on their network to start earning on this app.

4) YouTube

YouTube is an open video-making platform. It is a highly lucrative app for individuals who want to earn a decent amount of money and gain some popularity in the process.

You need to have good video-making skills and generate unique ideas to become a successful YouTuber. If you have any particular hobby like handicrafts, food making, vlogging, gaming, etc, you can easily turn that hobby into a legitimate earning source.

Youtube pays its content creators based on the views their videos get. Subscriber amount also plays a crucial role in generating views on youtube videos. Try to make your content fun and lucrative if you wish to grow your youtube channel. Moreover, YouTubers can earn additional revenue by collaborating with different sponsors.

5) Bikroy

Bikroy is the largest marketplace in Bangladesh where you can sell or buy used and unused items. Many people have tons of unwanted stuff stashed in their homes. With the Bikroy app, you can turn that unused stuff into actual money.

You can sell almost anything with the Bikroy app. The process of selling stuff on Bikroy is very simple. Login to the Bikroy app and publish your listing by filling in all the necessary information. Make sure to take well-framed and alluring pictures of the stuff that you want to sell.

No need to worry if you don’t have any unused stuff lying around in your house. As I have said before, you can also sell brand-new stuff on Bikroy. You can even launch your very own business based on the Bikroy app.

These are some great, trusted android apps by using which you can earn a decent amount of money.


There are tons of other apps on the internet from which you can earn money. Before you download those apps, make sure they have a good user rating and are free from malware infection.

Always remember, that the legit money-making app will never ask for money from you. So avoid the apps that ask for money when you sign-up.


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